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Friday, August 12, 2011

For Community Comments On Carmen Sabatino: The Re-Tread

From a Modesto resident;

I saw on your website, John, that you posted a good entry about Carmen re-running. I think you called it "Re-Tread" which was quite appropo. I'll go ahead and wager a guess: Carmen comes in dead last, or gets about 10% of the vote in his 3-way race.

Better yet, let's see if Emerson even weighs in or does anything to help Carmen in his race. I think we can figure that one out... and if anyone can show me where Emerson and his Swamp website have ever contribute to someone's political victory, I'd like to see it.

Emerson's overstated sense of inflated ego trumps his awful taste in fashion.

Will be waiting to see how Emerson spins his worn out buddy's candidacy...

Make sure you guys check out the comments on the Bee's website re: Carmen's candidacy... wow, Carmen is NOT liked by the Modesto populace. Is it any wonder they've rejected him 3 times in his last 3 elections...

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