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Monday, October 12, 2009

George Maudlin aka

Georgie boy rats himself out. Keep up the lies!

Thank You JoeMcCarthynew
Submitted by K5 on Sun, 2009-10-11 23:59.
Reconciliation always possible. I pray for that, but only God knows. Honestly at this point, I can take it either way. My life is good, pretty complete and will go on. Hive has not helped, only made things worse and LSK sticking her nose in private matters has worsened the situation. She knows that and could care less. That I know for sure and have been hurt greatly by LSK's obsessive bashing into almost every aspect of my life. Very disappointed in your behavior LSK, not only as a 12 step person, but a Christian as well.
Anyway, perhaps we can meet for coffee at Five Points soon. I work all day but with some shuffling on certain days would like to meet.
Semper Fi.
PS: JoeM. The modbee suspended my BikeRackII name for two weeks. So I use either HeyMoron or K5. lol.
Heaton needed to be suspended. Three more bloggers to go I hear, and it's being thoroughly looked at this week, Wayne says.

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