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Monday, October 12, 2009

Hello To The Hive Readers

Looks like asking public figures to be accountable for their actions is not allowed in some forums, so I am on a timeout from The Bosses at The Bee's Hive. Probably do to the fact that a local supporter, and staff member, of wannabe politician Roberts Stanford, Emerson Drake, was arrested for growing,with intent to sell, marijuana, he was also accused of stealing power from MID. So when this bright light of truth was uncovered, Mr. Drake, aka truthseekers went into hiding for a few days until Robert and he came up with a plan to deal with it. And, with out fail Emerson denies the whole issue saying that the police lied, the Modesto Bee lied, and he never stole from MID. And now he continues to attack the ones who were involved in his arrest and conviction. So those who support Robert Stanford for Modesto City council, you are supporting a person who condones Emerson Drakes criminal record.....And Robert Stanford is still the man who says that Stanislaus county Sheriff officers are "murderers."

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