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Monday, October 12, 2009

A Great Week

Nothing better to receive a punishment for doing what is right. Emerson Drake; public speaker and writer at The Hive, was outed for the con man that he is. And Robert Stanford, is just as much of a fraud, and danger to Modesto residents as Mr. Drake. Though I doubt Stanford was preparing to distribute weed Like Emerson Drake. Then the fact that Emerson was also charged with power theft from MID.

I understand why Dan Day, from The Modesto Bee, suspended me, and a few others from The Hive. He wants to keep things calm and quiet in order to bring NewBees to The Hive. It is good for business, thus good for The Bee. I will blame Emerson Drake and Robert Stanford for the continued lies and attacks on good, hard working people and businesses. They needed to be called out on it, and they were, and they went into lie and deny mode. I have received nearly 75 e-mails from Modesto City residents saying thanks for the heads up about these two. I figure that if each one tells 10 people they know, Robert and Emerson will receive single digit vote counts and will never be elected to the city council. Nice knowing you two, good luck on your next scam in Modesto. This time though, "truthseekers" will be known for who he is; Emerson Drake.

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  1. I want to tell you something: I am very proud of you for the following reason; you are honoring your suspension. I may not agree with it, I may not agree always with you...but John, you are behaving with grace and dignity. Those who are using other names, other accounts are NOT honest or honorable men. You sir, are, and I thank you. Stay are in my prayers.